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My Big Break

The Time Of My Life

Wheres The Jelly?


He got to know the members of Humble Pie (Steve Marriott, Jerry Shirley, Greg Ridley) before he met Peter Frampton. They became good friends and after he quit Humble Pie, he said "Im gonna put out a solo album and your gonna play on it". He says that I can never repay what Peter had done for him. He played on "Wind of Change' at Olympic Studios with Chris Kimsey producing and he played on the second album called 'Frampton's Camel' recorded at Electric Lady produced by Eddie Kramer.

He got to know Mary Frampton (Peter's Wife), who introduced him to Kim Gardiner form Ashton, Gardiner and Dyke. And he was putting a band together with Jackie Lomax and Jackie asked Frank to play guitar but regrettably Frank turned it down. Then Chris Kimsey recorded the Doc Holiday record in 1972. A great record with Frank and Bob Mayo.

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