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My Big Break

The Time Of My Life

Wheres The Jelly?

Just Like You

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Black Sheep Boy

Riding With Sir August
(Augie Meyers)


The guy who gave Frank his biggest break was Peter Frampton. The musicians on his first record was Frank, Peter, Ringo Starr, Mike Kellie, Klaus Voormann, Tony Ashton from Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, on piano, Rick Wills who ended up playing bass with Foreigner and many others, and Billy Preston who Frank got to sing backup with on the album. Frank said he was the greatest.

He tells a story about how he's shared a cheese sandwich with Ringo on Thanksgiving. Frank said that Ringo was very musical. Frank stays in touch with Peter. He met him for the first time at The Capital Theatre in Portchester, New York. Peter turned Frank on to two things: Django Reinhardt and Joni Mitchell's album 'Blue'.

Frank said that one day Peter was going to take him on a trip, they were going to Windsor Castle and Friar Park. George Harrison bought Friar Park and was totally renovating it. He was lucky enough to spend lots of time at Friar Park. Another time he went there with Mick Ralphs, who was with Mott The Hoople and later Bad Company and they would meet Joe Brown. Dave Edmunds was also there. George said, "I want to show you something." He opened this guitar case and in it was the Everly Brothers guitar. He went to see them at the Albert Hall and The Everly Brothers gave him this guitar. George was so proud. All The Beatles were huge fans of the Everly Brothers.

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